The Refugee Crisis


I just can’t take this feeling of someone out there starving, maybe changing diapers in the freezing cold with a little one. It’s unbelievable how goverments are turning away people.

For awhile I’ve been receiving posts on FB about the refugee crisis from two groups, France & Beyond: Refugee Aid and Entraides Citoyennes (through “Soutien aux exilés de Paris). Not a day goes by that I’m not saddened and left feeling helpless about the overwhelmingly heartbreaking stories of people freezing, children dying or near death, deportations, and detenttions. I finally decided to do something about it and took to the streets to distribute food with Serve the City. There were four of us ladies wandering around Paris on a cold Wednesday morning for over an hour, giving what we could. But I want to do more, and I’m still looking into other things to do.

Here’s a list of charities, if you’d like to help out, whether you live in France or not. I hope you do!

Links for France-based folks (en français) – Enter your code postal and choose how you want to help, put together by Libération

Entraides Citoyennes (en français) – Paris location: give clothing, money, or your time

Association Terre d’Errance (en français) – Based in Calais: give clothing or money. Also loads of informative links to other helpful websites

Citoyen(ne)s solidaires avec les migrants (en français) – Paris location: give money, or join their facebook page to see what other opportunities are available

Migreurop et Coordination Française pour le Droit d’Asile CFDA (en français) – Educate yourself on the rights of refugees with these websites

Links for English speakers – a nice article by the Independent with loads of suggestions for how to help, separated into 5 categories.

France and Beyond (English) – Based in France. Give clothing, money, or your time

Socks for Refugees (English) – All they do is collect socks. You can even include a message in your donation to give a personal, human touch!

Refugees Welcome (English) – Want to house a refugee? This site might be able to help you out!

I’ll update this post as I can, to keep track of what’s going on as the situation changes from moment to moment. Here’s hoping for some semblance of humanity to appear in our goverments across the globe!


Notes with sphinx

Notes from conferences, minutes from a teleconf, ideas, etc.

Set up docs directory and (see other post).

Add math support, to array ‘extension’ in, e.g. ‘sphinx.ext.pngmath’. Looks like

extensions = [

Edit index.rst.




.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 4

Mljet 2015


.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 4

Lausanne 2015

One rst file for each meeting. E.g. euclid-lausanne-2015.rst:



Jarle Brinchmann, legacy


Large number of WG (Milky Way, AGN, local Universe, extra-solar planets,
strong lensing, theory, cosmological simulations, SN + transients, galaxy
clusters, primeval universe)


.. bibliography:: astro.bib
:style: mystyle
:encoding: utf

astro.bib is bibtex file
:cited: only display cited references (other option :all:)
:style: see
encoding: utf, do not interpolate any latex special characters. Necessary if ‘%’ in url links, but
annoying for math mode in titles, LaTeX accents in names etc.

Need to add missing abbreviations to bibtex file, e.g.:

@string{apjs = “APJS”}

Further problems:
– missing title
– missing booktitle
– missing journal
pages = {3-}, needs to be {3-+} [error message does not show line in bibtex file!]

make html or make latexpdf
can take a long time for long (several hundred) bib entries.

# pybtex code following:
# and

from import Style
# Other styles: alpha, plain, unsrtalpha
from import (
join, field, optional, sentence, href )
from pybtex.plugin import register_plugin

class MyStyle(Style):

def format_web_refs(self, e):
# based on urlbst output.web.refs
# Adds adsurl with link
return sentence(capfirst=False) [
optional [ self.format_url(e) ],
optional [ self.format_adsurl(e) ],
optional [ self.format_eprint(e) ],
optional [ self.format_pubmed(e) ],
optional [ self.format_doi(e) ],

def format_url(self, e):
# based on urlbst format.url
return href [

def format_adsurl(self, e):
# based on urlbst format.url
return href [
‘ads link’

register_plugin(‘’, ‘mystyle’, MyStyle)